Heartbreak No More

It's great, because it makes YOU great! Learn More Get the tools we offer in Counseling to stop heartbreak, in one awsome package!
HBNM is the professional Gold Standard Learn More Nothing works better, faster or less expensively than Heartbreak No More. It’s the most effective professionally based program of it’s kind for stopping the pain of heartbreak… period.
Heartbreak No More is for YOU Learn More It works for people of every age and ethnicity because it establishes a bedrock understanding of what human psychological health is and offers proven techniques that cause you to thrive.
Get some clarity Learn More Learn why it ended, why love loss hurts so badly and, most importantly, how to make it stop. HBNM breathes life back into an empty heart and gives you peace.
Heartbreak No More improves every relationship in your life… Learn More They get better because YOU get better. You’ll be the person that people (including you) love to be around.
Heartbreak hurts... and most people don't heal Learn More They mask up, rush new love, party to color out or hide in hopelessness. We’ll show you how to escape the pain without ruining your life.
Heartbreak No More puts happiness in your hands. Learn More You don’t stop heartbreak by focusing on pain. You defeat it by creating a better life. You might think it’s impossible, but try it! Success will take you by surprise!
Heartbreak No More starts working immediately... Learn More Download the first two sessions now. Feel better in minutes and be better for a lifetime.
Heartbreak No More frees you from the past Learn More Learn to enjoy life again by enjoying a new YOU. Then get the power and insight you need to create a better relationship that lasts.
Give them something to miss Learn More If you long for someone who’s gone, getting strong might make them take a second look. It also helps YOU get happy without them if you must. Either way you win.
Stop rejection… and find better connection Learn More Most single people focus who they’re looking for. We show you how to become the person THEY’RE looking for. HBNM maximizes your attractiveness so you’ll find the most desirable kind of love… and keep it!
bigger AND better Learn More Four videos and 30 audio sessions (with a companion workbook) give you the step by step support you need to rejuvenate your heart and reestablish a life you love. It’s user friendly and totally engaging. Listen… feel better!
Heartbreak No More renews your drive Learn More Life doesn’t just happen. You have a say in how it turns out! It’s unfair sometimes, but your life isn’t over. HBNM helps you end severe heartbreak and feel alive again.
Heartbreak No More fits your life! Learn More It goes where you go. As you listen, the world drops away because it’s exactly what you need. With each new session, you find more relief and joy returns naturally.
Real-world tested tools... Learn More You get everything you’d learn in a year of post-relationship counseling with us, in an affordable, convenient package. It’s helped thousands. It will work for you too.
Heartbreak No More is rooted in personal experience Learn More Jeff started recording HBNM while going through a devastating divorce of his own. After 15 years of research, development and testing, it’s become the best post-relationship recovery program in the world.
It's designed with you in mind Learn More Each audio session is easy to understand and offers a step by step guide to follow. It inspires you to feel great in the quickest, easiest way possible. It works.
Heartbreak No More surfaces the good stuff! Learn More A better future arrives when you get healthy enough to enjoy it! Life is too important to let heartbreak be your emotional soundtrack. We’ll show you how to turn loss into fertilizer for a better life.
Heartbreak No More improves YOU... Learn More It gives you a whole new way of seeing yourself and your life. It stabilizes your emotions by ridding you of distortions that cause unhappiness and inspires healthy living, one session at a time.
The Interactive Workbook makes it EASY! Learn More Enter your notes right into your computer or print the workbook. Each session is time stamped so you can hear exactly what you need. It’s packed with powerful help. You’ll come back daily for more.
Heartbreak No More reaches your heart Learn More We know how you feel and give you everything you need to come alive again! Our pretest tells you which sessions you need most! It’s free with purchase and you can start right now!
Devastated? Not for long. Learn More HBNM gives you everything you need to leave heartbreak behind and enjoy the most productive and happy season of your life.
Entertaining AND Inspiring Learn More Jeff’s got a great sense of humor and explains Professional techniques in simple, effective language everyone can use.
Heartbreak No More makes you truly attractive Learn More We’ll show you how to maximize your attractiveness by improving your software as well as your hardware.
Heartbreak No More gets results! Learn More It stops heartache better, faster and cheaper than any program at any price. Get the first two sessions instantly! You’re seconds away from the freedom and strength you need to enjoy life again!
You get better in minutes... and benefit for a lifetime. Learn More Learn proven principles that give you balance and cause you to thrive. HBNM delivers a deep sense of well-being that lasts!
Asking for help is a sign of strength Learn More You’re not weird for letting HBNM lend you a hand… but you could be if you don’t! It’s private, personal and powerful.
HBNM is a proven powerhouse Learn More It's worked for thousands of others and it will work for you too! Buy it now and start listening immediately!
Stuck? Learn More Hate where you’re at? Afraid to change? We’ll show you why and help you kick the habit so you don’t repeat relationship mistakes of the past.
Not sure? That's okay! Learn More Get it now and take 30 days to decide if Heartbreak No More is right for you. Call us. We’re here to help.
Get your life back Learn More Here’s to feeling alive in the quickest, easiest, most affordable way possible. It’s expert help in a personal package available 24/7, anywhere you are. Start listening now! Benefit for life.
Expert, relatable help that works Learn More No one talks more intelligently about relationship endings in the modern world than Psychotherapist, Jeff Rindt. He knows what you need to stop hurting and rebuild a great life after love loss. He’s done it and helped thousands of others do it too.
A broken heart isn't a broken life Learn More Love loss is hard. But you CAN be happy again. We show you how to create a life that’s so good you stop longing for your old one.
Simply the Best... Learn More nothing else is more effective or well explained than Heartbreak No More. It’s time to do something for yourself.
Heartbreak No More helps you find love, and KEEP it... Learn More It makes future relationships better because it makes YOU better. It gets your mind OFF of what you lost and ON to attracting the right love, by building a great YOU!
Heartbreak No More gives you more Learn More It’s not just motivation and education… it’s a total transformation of your mind and heart.
The future is yours to create Learn More Heartbreak No More is positive AND practical. It shows you how to turn an ideal life into your real life by thinking right, acting right and finally feeling right.
Get Your Life Together Learn More there's a great life waiting on you to get healthy enough to enjoy it!

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